Our practice performs statutory audits for a wide range of businesses utilising the most effective and efficient approach possible to maximise the benefits our clients obtain from this work. We perform all our work on a fixed fee basis and provide our clients with a comprehensive review of business processes and areas of improvement in each case.


Due to our wide range of experiences in different business sectors and within the professional services sector we can provide effective business support to help your business to thrive. Together with our business development partners we can support even more complex business arrangements and country wide development requirements.


Our practice offers a wide range of specialist audit services, including solicitor accounts rules audits and bespoke business reviews and health checks. The work includes special engagements for international businesses, system controls reviews and management support analysis all designed to generate the best benefit for your business.


Our services in the area of business tax stretch from standard compliance based work to R & D tax claims. As part of our standard procedures we look at all aspects of efficient tax planning and management to ensure you achieve a high return from your business ventures.


All relevant aspects of the preparation of statutory accounts for limited companies, unincorporated businesses and sole traders, partnerships, charities (incorporated or unincorporated) and related compliance work fall into our range of services. The work is based on a pre determined fixed rate and can be performed flexibly to meet tight deadlines.


As part of our other services for business or indeed independently from such activities we offer a comprehensive personal tax service based, like with all our services, on a fixed fee agreement. Similar to the business tax work we perform a thorough assessment of your personal circumstances and make the process ass efficient as possible for you.


Blackthorn Chartered Accountants are a modern, independent firm of international experts that provide a wide range of professional audit, accounting, taxation and business consultancy services.

Our practice is a modern and progressive professional services firm. Unlike many other firms we do not operate on a one size fits all approach or prepare 'ticking boxes' audit work for example. In relation to our size we offer a wide range of services and customise our work to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all we do. The processes and procedures are in each case on the most up to date level including all use of IT facilities available.
Our individual approach ensures that our customers receive a specifically tailored service in all work undertaken. This ensures that only relevant activities are performed and the clients receive the maximum benefits from the professional work performed, which goes beyond standard accountancy, audit or business support services. We particularly focus on planning relevant work based on a full understanding of your requirements.
Our practice prides itself to have a high information culture. We value individuality and specific approaches and 'ways of doing things'. We are an independent firm that has developed an own style of work based on a wide range of experiences on how more typical professional services firms are doing business and how such standard, commodity orientated approaches can be improved. If you believe that you benefit from a fresh view on your business requirements you have all reason to consider us for a consultation.
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