Blackthorn Chartered Accountants was established by a team comprising chartered accountants, auditors and business consultants, with the aim to go beyond the standard services a typical chartered accountancy practice offers.

In the business world of today it is no longer sufficient to just produce a set of accounts, perform a statutory audit and get the corporation tax return right.

Those services remain important but additional benefits can be derived for clients if a more modern, flexible and specifically tailored approach is taken, that takes the specifics of ever business into account and offers a dedicated service to the client that go far beyond what the standard services can provide.
We take the approach to advise the client on precisely what is required by law and will provide this service effectively and efficiently but can suggest detailed and tailored advice from this work undertaken and how to go beyond this with dedicated consultancy should the client be interested in this.

From the smallest personal tax client to the largest corporate group we determine a detailed understanding on what is required and what is beneficial as a service and will openly discuss our reasoning and approach with you.

Blackthorn Chartered Accountants are based in Oxford but our services stretch to clients across the United Kingdom and abroad.

In addition to a United Kingdom client base we are actively developing our relationship with foreign companies doing business in the United Kingdom or indeed are intending to set up a presence for the first time. All the required steps to make such a move a success can be performed by us and this includes highly relevant consultation on softer issues like cultural differences, business style, marketing etiquette and general customs and behaviour.

Why us?

Blackthorn Chartered Accountants were established to provide a much needed modern and flexible focus on all aspects of the services an independent accountancy practice can provide.

We believe in our independence and will keep the practice to a size where it is possible to maintain a personal engagement with our clients and provide a dedicated service and support in the areas we believe we can make a real difference to the more conventional services offered.

Typically the services provided by accountancy firms contain significant elements of an ongoing nature and over time good practices will form lasting and highly effective business relationships with client. To benefit from such developments the right firm must be chosen, that fits with the size of the business, its business culture and the expected detailed service that is required.

At Blackthorn Chartered Accountants we have designed an individual approach of how to do business that can be derived from the experience of our senior staff from their work with accountancy and audit practices ranging from small to the very large. The differences in the way such diverse service providers work have been carefully assessed for their respective merits and deficiencies. The best elements of the different arrangements experienced have been incorporated into our own style of doing work.
Our practice is very committed to training and personal development of members of staff and is constantly engaged in the identification of latest developments in practice management and development. We believe that we can only advise and support our clients if we ourselves are constantly engaging actively in the changing business environment. We do not offer standard services that have not been changed for many years, nor do we sell standard products to clients that do not require any standard version of a service, like advertising a statutory audit to client where they do not have this legal requirement. We would rather suggest a much more tailored special business advise based audit, where we go the extra length to design and agree the requirements in every case individually

We have a truly modern approach to businesses and our work is at the edge of technology. Depending on client requirement we work entirely electronically in all standard transactions and communication requirements to achieve high efficiency levels but allocate a dedicated senior individual to each and every client that will keep the personal contact to the client and is approachable on all matters and issues with quick response times.

In all cases, based on clients requirements, we agree a specific time frame for the work to be undertaken and stick precisely to it. We do not leave our clients in the dark about progress of work and have clearly and effectively designed channels of communication to keep the client informed about all matters arising.
Equally we work on a fixed fee basis to avoid any issues with bill overruns or surprises for the client. The client can be confident that in any case where there is a need for getting in contact with us this can be done at no extra costs as this effective two way communication is vital to provide a truly professional service and should in no way be hindered.

Based on fixed fee arrangements, specific time frames, dedicated senior staff support and clearly defined communication channels our clients experience a hassle free efficient and effective service that is in each and every case specifically designed for the individual circumstances and client requirements.

True professional service can only be delivered to each and every client if clear structures exist, the most modern technology is employed and members of staff are kept highly trained to gain and maintain highest levels of knowledge. Those are the elements that have been combined in our practice from the experience gained from a wide range of work our members of staff have performed in the past.

The business world is changing and so do accountancy practices need to embrace those changes, clients benefit most if they select an accounting practice that is in its entirety based on such a flexible approach.
Prospective clients should have a look at the different services we provide, we are particularly strong in all areas of audits and foreign subsidiary based work, and if there are any areas you believe we can help or provide a better service than you currently receive we are interested in having a first conversation or personal meeting to discuss these issues. The initial consultation whether we are the right choice for you is obviously free of charge to you, regardless of the benefits you will receive from such meeting, as our meetings are already a very informative exercise.


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